“Opener ‘Wild West Rain’ sets the tone for the album, with its haunting vibes, ambient guitar and gentle rhythm.  The title track floats along on a sea (or should that be field?) of harmonious vocals layered between an ever so subtle pedal steel. This is an album that’s perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons, when you and your partner are entwined on the sofa reading the papers.”

-AmericanaUK, United Kingdom


“Clover, overall floats ethereally with the impressive voice of Jadea Kelly. The bright sound of her bell-like timbres breathe real life into the compositions. They do not indulge in self-complacent vocal acrobatics - the voice here is an instrument that conveys the mood and content of the songs. Clover" is thus really a round affair and Jadea Kelly has definitely found her four leaf “Clover”.”

-Rocktimes, Gastbeitrag, Netherlands


“It’s the fine details on the record that distinguishes Clover from all other folk-pop albums.  And that voice of Jadea Kelly of course, crystal clear with a hoarse seductive edge, makes Clover a record that I will listen to again with great pleasure. Seeing possible European dates planned for 2014 gives us something to look forward to.”

-AltCountry, Netherlands


“Comparisons have likened Jadea Kelly to the melodious dulcet tones of Iris Dement and this is a thoroughly appropriate compliment. Exposing yourself to CLOVER is just the tonic until we adjust the clocks back again in the Spring and beyond, by when Jadea Kelly may well have paid us a visit to bring the record truly to life.” 

-Fatea Magazine, United Kingdom